Erickson Theatre - Venue Details

The Erickson Theatre is an intimate performance space, and a resource for Seattle Central College's drama students and the Seattle arts community. In addition to performances, the venue is great for panel discussions, lectures, meetings and other events.

If the venue specifications below meet your needs, check the Erickson Theatre events calendar to confirm availability and submit a rental request form when you're ready to get started.

Erickson Theater features 133 fixed seats (including two handicapped-accessible seats), and can be expanded to a total guest capacity of 151 with additional chairs. Please note that there is no standing room at Erickson Theatre.
Lighting Control
Lighting Console: ETC Element 60
Stage Dimmers: 48 EDI MX 2.4K
House Light Dimmers: separate controls in booth
Company Switch: 100A, 4-wire, 3-phase 208V
Lighting Inventory
Source 4 575w 36 degree – 28 units
Source 4 575w 50 degree – 18 units
Source 4 Parnel 575w – 1 unit
6" Fresnel 500w –15 units
Altman 6 x 12 - 4 units
Altman 6 x 9 - 3 units
Altman 4 ½ x 6 - 7 units

See the Erickson Light Plot for more details.

Sound Inventory
Mackie 2104 mixer
2 QSC Audio RMX 250 amplifiers (1 BGW 250, 1 BGW 100)
2 Yamaha speakers (upstage)
2 powered JBL speakers (downstage)

Microphone Inventory

1 Crown PZM 180 Pressure Zone Microphone
1 Audio Technica AT822 Stereo Microphone
3 Audio Technica ATM21SM Microphones
1 Audio Technica ATM11SM Microphone
2 Audio Technica ATM41 Microphones
1 AKG D12E Microphone
1 AKG D320B Microphone
2 Sony ECM 50PS Electret Condenser Lavalier Microphones
3 Shure SM 57 Microphones
8 Shure SM 58 Microphones
1 ElectroVoice RE20
1 ElectroVoice RE10
2 ElectroVoice CS15E Condenser Microphones
2 Shure SLX Series Combo Wireless systems (SM58 Handheld or WL185 Lav) SLX4 receiver 638-662 Mhz
1 Shure MX418S/C Podium Microphone
Stage Details Dimensions
Stage width wall-to-wall 50'
Stage width with legs 36'
Stage Depth (plasterline to US wall) 42′
Stage Depth (plasterline to cyc) 34'
Plasterline to center traveler 13'
Plasterline to permanent seating 4'
Stage Deck to ceiling
Stage Deck to grid 16′
Traveler track height 15'
Wing space SL 9′-0″
Wing space SR 9'
Orchestra pit depth 6'-0"
Green Room dimensions 20' x 40'


Drape Details
Legs 8 panels, 16' h x 8' w, Black, flat
Center Traveler 2 panels each, 16' h x 25' w, Black, 50% full
Scrim 16" h x 40' w, Black, sharkstooth
Cyclorama 16' h x 36' w, unbleached muslin

See the Erickson Theater Architectural plan and Erickson Color and Section plan for more details.

Erickson Theater is readily accessible by public transportation. For drivers, Seattle Central College operates a 500-space parking garage at 1609 Harvard Ave, one block north of the Erickson Theater. Street-side parking is also available in the area.
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